Andrew Golightly

Andrew Golightly

empath and web developer

Life bio

Born and raised in South Africa till age 18, before moving to New Zealand and becoming a citizen there.

First class computer science honours degree, majoring in Artificial Intelligence.

Qualified counsellor, and facilitator of an empath group.

Fullstack JavaScript developer, specialist in Node.js and ReactJS. Owner of the IT company Golightly+.

Travels a lot, and has been working remotely since 2012 from various places on the planet.

Things I've created with code

432 Hertz - the study of sound and music when tuned to 432 Hz

Style Transfer - transforming your images into art, by re-creating them in the style of another image

Appropriate Photos - using machine learning to detect sexual content in images

Deep Connections - a native app for both iOS and Android to help you have meaningful conversations with the people around you

Syzygy Solutions - a web app that allows you to search for images using your voice

Bitcoin POS - a web app that makes generating QR codes for sales in your local currency easy!

The Matrix Digital Rain - watch the Matrix run down your screen just like from the movies

Chiang Mai Movies - a clean UI to view movie showtimes together with their Rotten Tomatoes metadata

Speech To Colours - a demo on how to use speech recognition in your browser by changing the background colour with your voice

npm modules - secretkey-encryption, sfcinemacity, speech-to-text

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